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Author Topic: If your ID or password doesn't work...  (Read 1617 times)

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If your ID or password doesn't work...
« on: October 19, 2010, 05:19:06 PM »
The all-new version of was launched on August 28, 2010.  If your ID or password doesn't work and you were a member of the skatingforums board prior to August 28, 2010, you will need to register for this new message board since we started with a blank slate of members.

There were some people who asked (on the old board) if they could change their IDs or acquire unused ones that had been abandoned by their original owners.  We already have a number of members who have registered but have not logged into the board or posted at all.  At some distant point in the future, we *may* choose purge those unused IDs in order to allow active members to acquire those names.  Just a long-term forecast based on our history, but nothing's scheduled as yet - we're not even three months old yet.  &)

Sorry for the inconvenience of having to register again, but you can now get the name that you wanted originally!  There's always a silver lining!
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