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Author Topic: First time back on inline skates since Adult 1  (Read 680 times)

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First time back on inline skates since Adult 1
« on: June 22, 2014, 05:35:42 PM »
I went out on my inline skates this afternoon for the first time since last summer when I first started Adult 1 LTS.

Definitely a different feel. I found myself too far back on my heels with inline skates at first. Was able to adjust but this was the first time I have felt out of balance like that in a long time. I use inline for aerobic exercise mainly. Just like ice, it certainly beats a treadmill.

I go to a local park with concrete jogging/biking trails, which are fairly smooth and not crowded. However I did find you notice every little crack and break in the path, not like ice. I took one spill, must have hit a little stick because I wasn't at a joint or crack. I wear hard shell knee pads and good wrist guards so I only got a scrape on 4 finger knuckles. I might wear my figure skate gloves next time.

I found I could not do 1 foot glides very well, but that may be from worn wheels. I was able to to a T stop on inlines for the first time. The basketball court was occupied so I didn't try to work on crossovers or backward skating any.

It was around 90 degrees out so I did a lot of sweating. I definitely like the temps on the ice but weekend sessions at the rink are always crazy plus I can inline skate for free, so I will probably stick with M,Tu,Th,F on ice and weekends on concrete.
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