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Figure Skating -- Quick Q's & A's

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I was hoping you knew the answer since you're such a big ice dance buff.

Okay, it was the 2004 Excessive Nudity rule, which came about because skaters were causing world-wide shortages of Illusion fabric, lol.

Believe it or not, this wasn't an issue at the 2010 Olympics.  I guess wearing ropes and being tossed around like a suitcase doesn't count and there's no rule against bad taste, lol.

--- Quote from: USFSA Article ---Costumes Rule Change to track ISU rule: For singles and pairs, "the clothing must not give the effect of excessive nudity for athletic sport. Men must wear trousers; no tights are permitted. Accessories and props are not permitted." Ladies in singles and pairs may now wear trousers and unitards as well as the traditional attire of skirts and tights. Men are limited only as provided above. For dance, the costume rule was not changed. Synchronized skaters may now wear trousers.
--- End quote ---


New question:

Why do skaters wear over-the-boot tights?

There are many reasons for OTB tights.  One - some skaters/coaches think it gives a longer looking leg-line.  Two - some skaters wear OTB tights during practice to protect their skates.  Three - don't want to change laces/polish skates.  Four - synchro skater w/o beige skates/tape.

What percentage of skaters who start skating in the USFS structure are estimated to pass their Senior tests?


What year did the USFSA "start" the Basic Skills program?

Ha ha--you mean "ripped off" ISI's Pre-Alpha-Delta program?


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