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The Pro Shop / Re: Blade care vs rust
« Last post by Sibelius on October 14, 2017, 08:12:14 PM »
Use stainless steel screws instead of the screws supplied with the blades; rusty screws will no longer be a problem.  The screws supplied with many blades these days (even high-end blades) seem to be fairly junky.  The skate techs I know don't use stainless steel screws, so you might have to buy your own to give to your skate tech, if your skate tech does the mounting.

New blades are being mounted.  Skate tech tossed me the screws that came with them and said she uses stainless steel.  So hopefully no more rusting screws.  Temp mounted today for fit and on ice evaluation, we'll pick them up tomorrow.
The Pro Shop / Re: Ankle protection? Help!
« Last post by tstop4me on October 14, 2017, 04:20:07 PM »
What type of socks are you wearing?  In my experience, nylon is more abrasive than cotton, and socks with coarse ribs bite in more than those with fine ribs.  I agree with the suggestions to wear Bunga or Silipos ankle sleeves under the socks (gel surface against the skin); also apply skin cream before putting on the sleeves.
The Pro Shop / Re: Blade care vs rust
« Last post by Ethereal Ice on October 14, 2017, 12:43:15 PM »
I just realized my post should say stored *with* soakers. Not sure how that happened,  but apparently it is too late to edit.  :blush:
The Pro Shop / Re: Blade care vs rust
« Last post by Bill_S on October 14, 2017, 10:30:00 AM »
That's a good point, and the reason why my skates go home with soakers on.

Once mine are home and on the storage rack, the soakers come off. After all, there's no chance of stubbing my toe on the picks when they are stored off the ground! (Yeah, that used to happen.  :o)
The Pro Shop / Re: Blade care vs rust
« Last post by tstop4me on October 14, 2017, 09:29:53 AM »
I'd like to point out that there's another advantage to storing blades in *dry* soakers:  mechanical protection.  Soakers prevent the blades from getting nicked should they bang against each other or bang against a hard surface (such as ceramic tile).  They also prevent damage to soft surfaces (such as wood furniture or floors) should the blades bang against the surfaces; they further protect boots, kit bags, and other items in kit bags from being cut up (especially by picks).
The Pro Shop / Re: Best boots for Axel and Doubles? Edea vs Jackson?
« Last post by nicklaszlo on October 14, 2017, 12:05:54 AM »
Do any skates last 5 years? I skate around 7-10 hours a week, but I'm only doing singles, not triples!

No, you should expect to get new skates every 1-2 years. 

I only do singles and I recently wore out boots that were "for triple jumps" in just six months.   But I am a bit heavier than you and my stroking is quite forceful. 
The Pro Shop / Re: Best boots for Axel and Doubles? Edea vs Jackson?
« Last post by Arwen17 on October 13, 2017, 06:41:34 PM »
UPDATE (10/13): 
Here's what I learned after cornering a few of the girls who do wear Edea at my rink. 
They said there was an adjustment period, but it wasn't that bad. They said it does feel loose in the ankle, but that's the way it supposed to be and you eventually get used to it. 
My coach said that Jackson redesigned their boots with a higher heel etc to be more like the Edea skates so since my Jackson boots are from 12 years ago, I'll still have to get used to the new version of Jackson anyway. So she said if I want Edea, and it doesn't feel bad when I try them on, there's no reason to stay with Jackson since I'll have to adjust anyway.   
My coach is going to try to find out if the Edea and Jackson reps will be at regionals in Nashville because that's a much shorter drive for me and that would allow me to get fitted by a "pro".   
She also knows someone who can put the boot and blade together for me once I make up my mind! Yay!!!!   
She thinks I should just go for the Edea Chorus if I decide on Edea. And the other girls who already wear Edea IceFly/Piano said the boots don't last any longer than any other skate, even if the skate is above your level like Ice Fly, Piano, etc. AKA there's no reason to buy skates that expensive until your skating level requires it. Seems like they think Chorus is for beginning doubles and Ice Fly or Piano for later doubles like flip, lutz, axel since no one at my rink does triples.
The Pro Shop / Re: Blade care vs rust
« Last post by Ethereal Ice on October 13, 2017, 12:28:25 PM »
Dry, store without soakers, get NO rust**

**-more to it than this

So, I take care of two sets of blades, mine and DH's. Both are Coronation Dance. Procedure is, after skating we dry our blades and boots carefully and put on a big, thick soaker that covers the whole bottom of the boot/sole. When we get home I remove the big soakers, check the blades for nicks, and apply a dry, plain, blade-only soaker. I flip our big soakers inside-out to dry. I store our skates open to air all the time (this does have it's drawbacks, my hubby found a small spider in his boot yesterday-oops!!). Additionally, if I know we are not going to skate for a few days, I put a light coating of mineral oil on the blades before I apply the dry soakers. Our dry soakers are the type that has stiff nylon that is actually along the blade bottom, and I think they allow more air to reach the blade rather than having the terrycloth there, just a guess on my part.

My system works nicely, not only to keep the blades in good shape but also the soles stay nice and dry. I cannot stand to see skates with rotted soles...recently when I took my old skates in to have my blades switched to my new boots, the tech said, "Those soles are beautiful! You must take great care of them." I beamed with pride and my husband was cracking up. I enjoy caring for our skates and do actually take some pride in the fact that they are in great shape, smell good, etc. I know that people joke about neglecting their skates, but the reality is that it is not just aesthetic,  it is a safety issue to have boots and/or blades in bad shape.
The Pro Shop / Re: Blade care vs rust
« Last post by amy1984 on October 13, 2017, 08:50:40 AM »
I'm terrible at taking care of my blades.  I'll admit it.  I sort of knock the snow off, give them a half hearted swipe with a towel, and put soakers on.  They're... mostly dry??  Somehow, I don't have issues with rust.  I don't store them in the car ever.  Even if I take them to work I take them inside.  The temperature varies greatly where I live.  I think it'd mess with the heat molding to leave them in the car.
The Pro Shop / Re: Best boots for Axel and Doubles? Edea vs Jackson?
« Last post by amy1984 on October 13, 2017, 08:43:04 AM »
Are you in North America?  If so, Jackson will be noticeably more cost effective, especially if you go with Ultima blades.  I used to skate in Risport and I saved at least a couple hundred dollars by switching to Jackson with Ultima blades.  The cost of the blade is a huge part of it.  For some people, the fit of edea is great enough to be worth the cost.  But for me, I just can't justify the cost when Jackson fits me well and I'm happy with them. 

Also the breakdown is noticeable.  Many people really like Edea - they find them comfortable, etc.  But the one complaint that is consistent out in my area is that they feel less supportive and they break down quicker.  So you'll spend that money to buy again rather quickly.  Now, for some people, the boot works well enough for them that this is worth it.  You'll just have to decide if it's worth it for you.  If you're in an area where you don't have a skating shop and would need to make a special trip for new skates, that might be something else to consider.
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