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Author Topic: How to keep Edea skates tighter for longer?  (Read 223 times)

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How to keep Edea skates tighter for longer?
« on: January 26, 2018, 10:09:59 PM »
Edea Lace Strap review - Useless for keeping laces tight!

So far I think the lace straps are absolutely useless. I purchased the lace straps hoping against hope that it would keep my laces tighter for longer. I'm sick of retying my Edea Ice Fly skates every 30 minutes. (I use proper Edea tying technique.)  I tried the lace straps on the middle hook (what Edea recommends) and the top hook. In fact, I think the laces come loose even faster with the lace strap on! What the hell? Perhaps the lace strap rubs against the laces and causes them to come undone even faster? That doesn't seem possible to me, but I can't deny the lace strap makes the situation worse instead of better. So don't waste your money on this crap. You're better off taping your skates to keep them tight.
I think the straps are pretty, but I can't even wear them for just "aesthetic" reasons since they make the laces come loose faster.

Anyone else have Edea skates and struggle to keep them tight? What do you do? Do you just tape them every session?

When the laces get loose after 30min of skating (jumping or spinning, footwork doesn't loosen them up as quickly), I have too much forward bend movement. While I can usually spin or do MIF with it that loose, its impossible for me to do even single jumps. I HAVE to have ankle support if I'm going to take off and land safely. I've tried to jump in loose skates, it doesn't work. When the skate laces are freshly tightened, I have enough support. But 30 minutes later.... I do not. So I end up retightening my skates 3-4 times a session. My old jackson skates only had to be retightened maybe once every 1-2 hours, it was great.

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Re: How to keep Edea skates tighter for longer?
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2018, 01:55:55 AM »
I've not used Edeas, and am not such a great skater as you - but could it possibly be the laces rather than the boots? I may be completely wrong, but it seems unlikely that the boots themselves can stretch that fast, or that the insoles can mat that fast. In other words, I would guess the laces must be slipping somewhere - either transfering material from a loose part of the lacing to the tight part, or slipping in the top bow knot. I can't think of any other possibilities.

E.g., all-cotton laces don't stretch, and they have a lot of friction. So you could give them a try. Maybe they would work for you, maybe not. Though to be honest, I use nylon utility round cord instead, which is very durable, very easy on the fingers, and I like the look - but I'm not doing fancy jumps.

I'm assuming that you already make sure the bottom of the laces are tight too - e.g., that you know that if the bottom is loose, the looseness gradually works its way upwards. Some people around here, mostly hockey players, use lace hooks to make sure the laces are very, very tight, everywhere. Which I would hate, but you might like. I also assume you have figured out a way to tie the double knot on top tightly. If not, you could try tying it as a double-slipped granny knot - i.e., make the overhand cross-over-and-under (or the first half of a surgeon's knot, with an extra cross), then shape the ends into loops (a knot expert would say "bites"), pull tight,  and tie them in another overhand-cross-and-under.) Then I tie those loops in another overhand, to make it a double knot.

BTW I have tried using a simple bow knot instead of a double knot - and it always slips. Double knots work so much better.

OTOH, if tape works for you, maybe it is good enough. Why fix what works?


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Re: How to keep Edea skates tighter for longer?
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2018, 02:46:50 PM »
I can't help but wanted to say I experience similar problems. I read that Edea suggest replacing their laces a lot more frequently than other manufacturers so I now replace the laces every two months and I find they are good the first few weeks then start to loosen.