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Author Topic: Interesting Yoga class in Beltsville, MD  (Read 507 times)

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Interesting Yoga class in Beltsville, MD
« on: April 18, 2016, 06:03:38 PM »
Body & Brain Holistic Yoga center, in Beltsville, MD

put a flyer advertising one free class on my car.

I like free!

So I went, at noon last Thursday.

The teacher was Kim, the owner. (She teaches half the classes. There is one other teacher.) That class time was an experiment for them; I was the only attendee, so it was really a private lesson.

When you take any type of lesson withvarious teachers and class styles, you have probably found some more helpful to you than others. In any type of lessons, including skating, it is probably pick your classes by who teaches, and to look for the smallest possible class size. I have recently tried a few other Yoga teachers and classes; they weren't what I needed.

But Kim was very helpful.

I told her about my skating flexibility issues. I don't think she is a skater, but she came up with some exercises, to help me use and stretch some core muscles I don't normally use. She also noticed a slight scoliosis (spinal bend), especially in the upper spine - my right shoulder is tighter than my left. She said I did have a slight leg length difference, but said the scoliosis probably had a greater effect. She also said I have a slightly greater than normal backwards spinal curvature of the lower back (lordosis, I guess).

She had me do some exercises to temporally undo the scoliosis and lordosis.

Yoga developed together with a particular religious and philosophical view, and I think Kim was trained accordingly. Some of her explanations may may not accord with a conventional western scientific standards, but it is the effects, not the explanations, that matter most.

She also showed my the benefits of pummeling my muscles while stretching to warm up and loosen them - a massage technique. It works! (Why??)

I can't afford many classes right now. I feel guilty about letting her teach a class of one for free. (I told her she was under no obligation, but she chose to anyway.) In appreciation, I am posting here to help her find more students - hopefully paying students. :)

I think she would be a great instructor for other skaters and dancers. Very observant, very knowledgeable about muscles, able to detect small alignment issues, that might affect skating performance or appearance. She would also be cheaper than a PT or chiropractor - about $18 / group lesson (in blocks of 10), I think $29 (30?) / private session.