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The Pro Shop / Re: Riedell Skates
« Last post by Live2Sk8 on June 27, 2017, 09:36:09 PM »
I had Bronze Stars that lasted 8 years and still had about 1 more year left in them.  They're very good boots as long as they fit your foot properly.  I replaced them with another pair of Bronze Stars and so far, so good.  I hope to get the same number of years out of these, too.
The Pro Shop / Re: Riedell Custom Skate ideas?
« Last post by LunarSkater on June 27, 2017, 08:09:21 PM »
Is there a specific reason you need custom boots aside from aesthetics? Do you have major fit issues with your current ones that some modifications to off-shelf boots can't fix? I had to order custom because my feet are shaped weird. Custom boots are expensive, far more than off-shelf. They aren't a whim purchase.

Are you looking for something to stand out a bit? One of the girls at my rink has swarovski crystals on the bottom of hers in her initials. I've seen a picture of an ice dancer with the bottom soles completely covered in them. If you have leather, possibly design and paint something using leather paint? There are options out there to customize boots without spending hundreds of dollars.
The Pro Shop / Re: Riedell Skates
« Last post by LunarSkater on June 27, 2017, 07:57:57 PM »
One thing about ordering Riedell skates - they have the directions for fitting on the website:
They were a good help for me when I had to figure out my size for my boots (ended up going custom). Do not measure yourself. Your measurements will be completely off and you might end up in the wrong size. Have someone assist you. You mentioned you don't have a decent pro shop, so this step is vitally important.

As for boot recommendations, I'm about your weight and jump level. However, I'm a heavy skater and ended up going with Silver Stars after being recommended both the Motion or the Bronze Star by two different shops. They were the level of support I needed. I would recommend looking at how much you skate every week, how long it takes you to learn elements, how long it takes you to break down boots, etc. And talk to your coach. S/he will have some idea of what to look for at your level.
The Pro Shop / Riedell Custom Skate ideas?
« Last post by Sam_Bryant on June 27, 2017, 02:04:13 PM »

Ive been tossing around thd idea of ordering a custom designed pair of Riedell figure skates. I want something unique and elegant but Im having a hard time coming up with good ideas/Color choices. I believe I want the boot itself to still be white but beyond that Im unsure.

Any ideas anyone?

Sitting on the Boards Rink Side / Re: "Just for me" goals
« Last post by Doubletoe on June 26, 2017, 05:02:06 PM »
With each new freeskate program I do (i.e., every other year) I try to add some little connecting move that I have just mastered.  In my last program, it was a RBO figure loop.  In my current program, it's a LBI figure loop and a LFI counter.  In my next program, I hope to add twizzles.  Good thing I have until next year for that because I suck at twizzles, LOL!
Events for Skaters / Re: USFSA Adult Competition Series
« Last post by pegasus99 on June 26, 2017, 04:53:48 PM »
I have to wonder how many of the Basic Skills Comps that offer events for Adults in these levels will sign on to be a part of this. Currently it feels like Adult Events at Basic Skills and other nonqual comps are just "add-ons" and adults get their well-balanced and that's about it.

I'm going to ask if our home rink will be a part of this series, but I really doubt it. And we're really supportive of adults, too.

The Pro Shop / Re: Ice helmet foam question
« Last post by Query on June 26, 2017, 12:37:36 PM »
Would not a kayaking forum be the place for your question?

Probably. I also asked in such a forum, and received a number of suggestions.

BTW, I have a "full face helmet" designed for Lacrosse, that some have used for whitewater. Does not cover my forehead, nose or mouth - a suitably shaped rock could still kill me. Unless I added a face cage, making it impossible to drink or to escape a "strainer" branch that got caught in it. Hockey helmets, according to the local hockey store, get very heavy when wet. Single hit ski helmets are built to an international standard tougher than the whitewater standard - but multi-hit ski helmets are not.

So it really looks like helmets really are pretty specific to their sports, maybe for good reasons. I still think a somewhat bulky and heavy helmet with a retractable or flip-up face shield, a sufficient thickness of closed cell foam, and a quick release, could work for many sports (including figure skating, BTW) - but it probably doesn't exist off-the-shelf without modification.

Gath replied to my email to them, that two of their helmets meet the EN1385 whitewater rafting standard. On further research, that standard does not cover class 4 or 5 whitewater - but I don't plan to go that high again - did class 4 only a few times, got hurt once, and escaped a sticky hole by pure luck (a maneuver I didn't know was possible) another time.

Anyway, thanks for your replies.
The Pro Shop / Re: Figure Skating Tattoo ideas?
« Last post by pegasus99 on June 26, 2017, 11:12:56 AM »
I have many obvious tattoos. Never had anyone mention them except some snooty coaches who told me that this was a family show and I should cover them. I did it once then never did it again because it was a total hassle and the makeup stained my costume.

Also I guess it was okay for their youth skaters to dye their hair weird colors but an adult skater like me can't have tattoos? Yeah there's no double standard here.  88)
Sitting on the Boards Rink Side / Re: New pattern dances
« Last post by davincisop on June 25, 2017, 09:13:33 PM »
Ooooo! I can't wait to look at these. :D
The Pro Shop / Re: Ice helmet foam question
« Last post by Leif on June 25, 2017, 04:09:03 PM »
Apparently, most motorcycle helmets, like most bike helmets, are made of crushable foam (e.g., expanded polystyrene), and can take only one hit, because it is cheaper and lighter. But maybe there are exceptions.

I believe motor bike can only take one hit because the outer shell loses its integrity once damaged. And I would suspect they are dangerous in water due to the weight. The push bike helmets I have seen can take multiple hits, as can my inline skating helmet. Then again they are designed to take lesser impacts. Dare I suggest that you look at ice hockey helmets, and even American football helmets, as they can take multiple hits, and they have a cage. However, not being a kayaker, it may well be that such helmets are dangerous for kayaking for reasons unknown to me, so you really need expect help. For example, push bike helmets are usually unsafe for ice skating because they have a pointed back, which can cause neck injuries in a fall.

There are some full face kayaking helmets here:

Other good shops are available.

Would not a kayaking forum be the place for your question?
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