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The Pro Shop / Re: Heel lifting in Ice Flies
« Last post by Bill_S on Today at 05:59:55 PM »
There MUST be more than meets the eye. Perhaps more is inside the boot and hidden because of the construction.

If not, it's not thick enough for self-tapping screws to work.

I'd love to get hold of an old pair and saw them in half to see the cross section.
The Pro Shop / Re: Heel lifting in Ice Flies
« Last post by AgnesNitt on Today at 05:56:32 PM »

The sole looks thin.

NO KIDDING! I've had fashion shoes with stiffer soles than that. Also, the  edges of the soles don't look sealed. I've looked at Ice Flies catalog images and that appears to be how they're made.
The Pro Shop / Re: Heel lifting in Ice Flies
« Last post by Bill_S on Today at 05:47:05 PM »

I've had toe gaps when mounting PIC frames (which are dead straight from toe to heel), but slowly tightening the mounting screws over a couple of months pulled the gap at the toes into contact. Don't try tightening all at once or you will strip the threads.

However that might not help with surface ups-and-downs (undulations) like yours appears to have.

The sole looks thin. If it is sufficiently thick, a little smoothing of the mounting surface on a belt sander might help. That can be tricky, but some pro shops can do it.

With the current gaps, you're going to collect water that you can't dry with a towel and get problems that result from that.
The Pro Shop / Re: Heel lifting in Ice Flies
« Last post by Christy on Today at 05:27:52 PM »
Here are some pictures of the blade gap. The blade looks flat, and the sole looks uneven.

The Pro Shop / Re: Heel lifting in Ice Flies
« Last post by nicklaszlo on Today at 05:20:02 PM »
The pictures would be great. 

For the first issue, I have two thoughts.  Either the blade mount is incorrect, or the boot itself is twisted.  The blade mount is easy to fix, but if the boot is defective then you need it replaced.  Do not ignore the pain.

In my experience a temporary mount should flatten the boot against the blade. 
If the toes are usually the problem and Jackson does toes well for her, I'd take a good look at what she 'hates' about Jackson and see if a custom or semi custom jackson boot would fix any of that.  My thing when looking is to find a brand that fits the problem area well - for me it's the same, the toe box, so Jackson it is for me - and work around the other issues.  Also, have you looked at Gam?  Because the fit is very similar.

In terms of Harlick, are you using X-line?  (I think that's what it's called... Harlick's version of rounded toe box...)

Are you close enough to any of the skate companies to go and have a fitting with them?  Don't limit yourself to thinking of companies like Harlick who specialize in customs... most will do custom skates... so if you're close enough it could be worth the trip to see an expert.  You can also look and see if there are any big skating events around you. The boot makers all usually go though I'm thinking you've probably missed the season for this.

Boot issues are a pain.  It took me trying almost every brand before I settled on Jackson.  And even with Jackson, it took a few pairs to find a length and width that worked for me.  Good luck!
The Pro Shop / Heel lifting in Ice Flies
« Last post by Christy on Today at 01:37:45 PM »
I have just got a new pair of Edea Ice Flies as my old ones are starting to break down so I want to break the new pair in before they are totally necessary. The new pair are identical to my old pair in terms of size, blade, etc. however I am having problems that I didn't have when breaking in the original pair:

- I have now tried the original Edea insoles plus 3 pairs of yellow Superfeet and no matter what I do the inside of my heel is sitting on the side of the boot and my heel lifts when I lift the skate off the ice. It's causing pain in a muscle from knee to ankle on the outside of that leg because the foot is twisted. At first I thought the lining was bunching up but have moved it around and there's no change

- on the left boot the blade is on a temporary mount, but the sole isn't flat and there's a fairly big gap between the blade and the sole. I'll try to upload a picture later but I know there have been some issues with Edea recently so wondering if anyone else has had this problem
Sitting on the Boards Rink Side / Re: 2018 Skating Resolutions
« Last post by Nate on Today at 02:58:50 AM »
Using another post as a template, cause I like the formatting.

My goals for 2018...

1) Posture
2) Confidence
3) Speed/Power in stroking

1) Inside Turns
2) Speed, Power and Alignment improvements

1) Polish up Axel
2) Consistent Doubles
3) “Rotate” a Triple
4) Alignment/Air Position
5) Double-Double Combination

1) Centering....
2) Back Spins

1) Consistent off-ice workouts (yoga, the gym, etc.)
2) Consistent stretching routine
3) Strengthen my core
4) Moves And FS Tests through Gold
5) Compete at least once

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(a) I took a poll of people's experiences with custom boots.  Few responses, only Harlick and SP-Teri:

(b) You said the major problem appears to be with the toe box.  The Jackson toe box allowed proper clearance, but the heel was too wide.  Was that a stock Jackson, or a custom Jackson?  With a custom, Jackson should be able to get the heel as narrow as needed.
Sitting on the Boards Rink Side / Re: Rinks in Chicago
« Last post by Nate on January 21, 2018, 06:35:02 PM »
Andersonville area.

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