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Author Topic: National Dynamic Warmup (USFSA/LTS USA)  (Read 323 times)

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National Dynamic Warmup (USFSA/LTS USA)
« on: June 06, 2017, 12:34:26 PM »
Got to watch a presentation on the new National Dynamic Warmup that the USFSA and LTS USA are recommending. 

6/25/2017 ETA: Found this site on the web, which looks more like the presentation I half-viewed at the conference.  (It was SRO and I'm short!)  -  scroll down on that page and the right-hand column has a "Dynamic Warmup" video link that lists and demonstrates the exercises.

These are the list of exercises:

Jogging or jump rope
Neck rolls
Ankle Rotations
Ankle "toe up the wall"
Quad pulls
Walking toe touches
Lunge in-step with rotation
Lateral Lunges
Kneeling hip flexor with rotation
Kneeling criss cross
Goal posts
High knee run
Butt kickers
Lateral shuffle
Inchworm to prone plank
Single leg dead lift
Squat jump prep
Quarter squat jump
Power skips

Here's a stripped-down Dynamic Warmup from LTS USA:

Dynamic Warm-up for Skaters Prior to Classes

A dynamic warm-up takes the body through a series of movement skills that will warm-up the joints and muscles necessary to complete on-ice skills. Warming up before your skaters take to the ice improves performance and decreases the risk of injury. This is especially useful for all advanced group classes, Free Skate levels and Bridge Programs.

Have your skaters’ warm-up their bodies before taking the ice for their class.

1. Jogging: 1 minute

2. Neck rolls: 8 each direction (start looking down at the chin and then roll the neck clockwise/counterclockwise)

3. Ankle rotations: 8 each direction (balance on one foot, then roll the free-ankle in clockwise/counterclockwise circles)

4. Trunk twists: 8 each side (stand with the feet hip width apart, twisting at the waist, twist the torso side-to-side)

5. Knee hugs: Alternate to complete 4 on each leg (step forward and pull one knee into the chest while balancing and extending through the standing leg, hold 2-3 seconds)

6. Quad pulls: Alternate to complete 4 on each leg (step forward and grab the foot of the free leg, pulling the heel toward the buttocks. Push the hips forward for a deeper stretch, hold 2-3 seconds)

7. Glute pulls: Alternate to complete 4 on each leg (step forward and grab the free foot pulling the heel up toward the belly button to stretch the outside of the hip. Hold 2-3 seconds)

8. Walking lunges: Alternate to complete 4 on each leg (take a big step forward, bending the knee to a 90-degree angle, hold 2-3 seconds and alternate feet)

9. Straight leg kicks: 8 repetitions (step forward and kick one leg in front, reaching for the toe with the opposite hand)

10. High knee run: Complete the distance of 10 yards (running quickly, pull the knees up high toward the chest)

11. Backside kickers: Complete the distance of 10 yards (running quickly, kick the heels back toward the buttocks)

12. Grapevine: Complete the distance of 10 yards (in a sideways direction, cross the right foot over the left, next bring the left foot from behind to the side, and then cross behind with the right foot and cross over again with left. Repeat both directions)

13. Toe and heel raise: 10 repetitions (standing with the feet hip width apart, put all the weight in the heels of the foot, raising the toes off the ground. Next rock up to the toes and lift the heels. Repeat, holding each position 1-2 seconds)

14. Skips: Complete the distance of 10 yards (step forward and hop, alternating feet)

15. Jumping jacks: 10 repetitions (start with feet together and arms by the side. Jump both feet out while extending the arms over head. Bring feet back together while returning arms back to the sides of the body)

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Re: National Dynamic Warmup (USFSA/LTS USA)
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2017, 02:16:41 PM »
Thanks. Good info.

I have already been doing many of these as my pre-skate warm up. I'll try out the full sequence tonight before LTS.
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Re: National Dynamic Warmup (USFSA/LTS USA)
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2017, 07:50:21 PM »
I'm exhausted just reading that!
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Re: National Dynamic Warmup (USFSA/LTS USA)
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2017, 08:57:18 PM »
I'm exhausted just reading that!

I know, right?  Other peoples' short warmup is my full workout.   88)

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Re: National Dynamic Warmup (USFSA/LTS USA)
« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2017, 04:43:46 PM »
Not enough (or any) hamstring, hip flexor, or IT Band work in there.
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