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Author Topic: Woman's SP-Teri "Professional" Boot size 8 1/2  (Read 742 times)

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Woman's SP-Teri "Professional" Boot size 8 1/2
« on: May 09, 2011, 02:34:18 PM »
The model is the Professional.  I bought them for the plates, have filled in the mounting holes, inside and out, they've been used but not overly and nowhere near what they were made for.  These have many years left in them - still excellent for figures, dance and freestyle.  Condition is overall excellent, there was some scuffing on the toe and heel, the usual but they polished up beautifully as you can see.

I would have kept them for myself, I do figures and these have plenty of support in them but I have a wide-ish foot and they would have had to have been stretched too much and I thought that would have damaged them.

They have that great SPTeri padding inside all that support leather.  All extra padding has been removed for sanitary purposes so you'll need a padded insole although the hard original is there. 

I'm asking $110 with US shipping included.  Contact me through here. 

Thanks for looking.