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Events for Skaters / Re: Lake Placid Adult Camps
« Last post by AgnesNitt on June 24, 2017, 08:12:58 PM »
Hey AgnesNitt, they've turned on the clocks on the hockey displays!  No need for a slap watch.

ThankS!!!!  I'll update my post.

Did you have a good time?

Also, did they paint the dressing room or put a big fan in?
Events for Skaters / Re: Lake Placid Adult Camps
« Last post by skategeek on June 24, 2017, 05:47:46 PM »
Hey AgnesNitt, they've turned on the clocks on the hockey displays!  No need for a slap watch.
The Pro Shop / Re: Ice helmet foam question
« Last post by DressmakingMomma on June 24, 2017, 03:17:03 PM »
I can't help with most of your questions, but I can say that motorcycle helmets are heavy, super bulky, and sometimes hard to see around. I have both street and motocross helmets. The motocross is lighter and easier to see around, but you wear goggles with it instead of a face shield. My helmets aren't new, so maybe technology has produced something much better. I went out with my husband for a ride today and was just thinking about how uncomfortable a helmet is, even so, I would never ride without one. I can't imagine they would be good for whitewater rafting.
The Pro Shop / Blade options
« Last post by cameocooper on June 24, 2017, 12:30:06 AM »
Does anyone have any suggestions for blades that have a 8" Rocker. I currently skate in coronation ace with a 7" rocker, but was considering going with the larger rocker, has I have no issues with spins, and feel unstable on my footwork.

I am consider Eclipse Pinnacle (Possible upgrading to the titanium model but not sure if this is worth with only single jumps) or Coronation Comet which have 8,5" rocker.
but am open to suggestions on different blades, but I or the sharper seems to wear out blades.
The Pro Shop / Riedell Skates
« Last post by cameocooper on June 24, 2017, 12:23:24 AM »
I may have to purchase some new skates, I am currently in Idea Chorus, but if I got new skates I would return to Riedell. I have narrowed this down to the Motion or Bronze Star. Just not sure if the Bronze Stars are worthy the extra at my level and feel I could get away with the Motion, with being a light skater.

I currently have most of my single jumps, am about 105 pounds, and every pair of skates I have had Riedell & Edea have lasted well, and only started breaking down, after several years.

Does anyone have any opinions on these models, there is no pro shop, that sell decent skates near me.
The Pro Shop / Skate Sizing issues
« Last post by cameocooper on June 24, 2017, 12:17:50 AM »
I currently skate in Edea Chorus skates, which I have had for about 2 years, which are still in very good condition, with just cosmetic damage.  Due to some on going medical issues (Iwon't go into) I have lost about 25 pounds (I know some people wish they could) but my skates seem too wide for my feet now, I am struggling to hold my edges, and holding my landing.

I know skates can be stretched to accommodate slightly wider feet, but does anyone have suggestions on making skates narrower. I have already heated the skates up, and tied them tight and let them cool, but they still feel very loose.

Or should I just bite the bullet, and buy new skates, even though these ones are no where near breaking down.
Sitting on the Boards Rink Side / Re: Why do you abort jumps?
« Last post by Nate on June 23, 2017, 10:46:53 PM »
I feel myself leaning backwards in the air
Jump not rotating enough to make it around
Too close to the wall
Someone in the way (or skating to my jump spot - "better safe than sorry")
Botched take-off (off balance going into jump, toe pick/blade slippage, etc.)
The Pro Shop / Ice helmet foam question
« Last post by Query on June 23, 2017, 04:22:08 PM »
I seek a helmet, with a retractable face shield that actually covers the face.

I confess this is for a completely different sport. I am sufficiently confident of my fall practice not to worry about helmets while skating (then again, I've never tried a backflip or similar move), but whitewater boating is a completely different case, because bad things happen super-fast, including under poor visibility conditions, like under (muddy) water, and mobility is impaired by the kayak - I've twice hit my forehead on rocks, and once came close to drowning as a result.

At least one company GATH makes a retractable face shield helmet sometimes used in water sports. Maybe there are others I haven't found. (You know of any?) Retractable is good, to briefly cool off, and it is absolutely essential in that sport to be able to drink water.

(There are many "full face" whitewater helmets - but they just have visors and chin guards - some of the face is uncovered. And gridded face guards are dubious - a stick could get caught in the guard, and hold one under water long enough to drown.)

But one on-line review says Gath helmets offer no padding. So maybe I should start with an oversized helmet, and add foam.

There have been many discussions on this board about foam to pad helmets for figure skating, some of which advocated rigid foams like polystyrene, which have to be replaced after every collision, but that is unsuitable for my purpose - in whitewater boating, there will inevitably be multiple impacts. However, unlike skate insoles, we aren't talking about hundreds or thousands of impacts, so super-minimal compression set isn't required, and there is no need for rebound. In addition, the foam will get wet, so open cell foams are probably out. OTOH, the helmet can be much more awkward, ugly and heavy than one might want for figure skating.

Could anyone recommend suitable foams, and perhaps how many inch(es) of foam would be needed? Assume the helmet is fairly rigid, so skull penetration by sharp rocks is not an issue, and that it will spread out the impact fairly well (I hope - which means that things like ball bearing drop tests aren't very relevant). I.E., I only seek gradual deceleration.

BTW, am I right that motorcycle helmets (some of which are much cheaper than Gath helmets) offer very poor ventilation and may in other respects be unsuitable? I assume they are pretty good at cushioning impact, and many do have retractable face shields.
I'm really not overly concerned with terminology, though the way I used "footbed" - for the surface (the "midsole"??) that the removable insole in figure skates lies on top of  - was probably uncommon. (However, Birkenstock uses "footbed" for a layer under the "liner" too - though I think their "liner" is not removable.)

(: I'll probably use some of the rest of that $6 polyolefin foam camping pad to re-outfit a whitewater kayak, by gluing in foam to create a snug fit for feet and knees. :)

But, back to the original topic, though I'm making do with insoles made from that camping pad, I still haven't found cheap skin-safe urethane or polyurethane foam, which should be more durable.

(I think medical supply houses take too much advantage of the fact that most professional medical people don't waste much of their valuable time looking for cheap alternatives.)

I may try contacting a chemical company about similar materials, like Dow Infuse footbed foams (though those are polyolifin too)

but don't expect to get a response, since I'm not a manufacturer.
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