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Author Topic: Planet Fitness - Tips, Suggestions?  (Read 318 times)

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Planet Fitness - Tips, Suggestions?
« on: November 21, 2017, 07:54:20 PM »
Planet Fitness is opening a new workout center within walking distance of our house.  I usually work out in the fitness center/classes at the rink, but DH doesn't really like it that much.  I'm thinking of trying it out; they're offering $0 down on their Black Card so I could get that and work out at another PF a little further away until ours opens.

Any tips for PF or suggestions regarding workouts and their signups, app, etc.?
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Re: Planet Fitness - Tips, Suggestions?
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2017, 09:09:35 PM »
If you stay past a certain date, they will hit you with a $39/year extra fee. Also, are the black card services important to you? (They may be if you travel, BTW, because you can go to other Planet Fitness Gyms at no extra charge.) Maybe you can quietly bargain with the manager to get the $99/year prepaid single-facility deal (no sign-up fee) that they probably offer once/year.

Peak time, my Planet Fitness was very crowded, but was fine the rest of the time. Because they are the low end of the price and pay range, they don't get the best trainers. They only do strength training classes (which are free, as are one-on-one sessions with their trainer, if you come during the right hours, though being a coach, maybe you don't need a trainer), not cardio, dance or stretch. Minimal free weight equipment (only two dumbbells of each weight, at the gym I tried, shared by everyone. No swimming pool or hot tub! :( You can't bring in your own trainer or equipment. The mat area, for things like stretching and floor work, is quite limited, and they may not allow fitness clothing that looks too good, or showing off too much in any other way. It may depend a bit on the individual gym, but they nominally kick people out for showing off. I couldn't fit some of the equipment (I'm small), but made due for a while with a few seat cushions - which the trainer authorized me to bring in despite the no-outside-equipment rule.

But compared to most other gyms, they are ridiculously cheap, and the equipment is adequate for most purposes. And with that location, you won't need to pay driving or parking fees, which at many gyms, both far exceed the cost of the gym. There is far less status in visiting Planet Fitness then LA Fitness, etc., if that matters to you. But they have the basics. And once you join, you can get in 24 hours/day, which can be quite convenient working around your skating regimen and other commitments - arguably the best feature.

It is quite possible you will eventually decide you don't need a lot of fancy equipment, and will eventually create a small home gym which has what you really need. But Planet Fitness is a great starting point, at not much money.

See also

Go for the free tour to take a look. The tour costs nothing.

If you join, find a big water bottle that fits in all their machines, because they often don't want them on the floor.

BTW, I switched from their $159/year basic membership to a $300/year Fitness/Swim pass at a county-run aquatics facility with its own fitness center. At my age, it's now $195/year. Not open as many hours, but I love the pool and hot tub, I can bring my own equipment (like a Yoga stretch strap), and I found a first class trainer. If I had hired his help instead of trying to figure out fitness training for myself, I might not have gotten a hernia.

If you join another commercial gym, most do not have a fixed price. They charge whatever they think you can afford, and you may pay 10x what someone else pays for more or less the same thing. Start by asking for a student discount. Say you are a skating student. :) Ask other people what they paid.