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Author Topic: Coach Concierge App  (Read 171 times)

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Coach Concierge App
« on: July 19, 2017, 01:43:57 PM »
The Coach Concierge app would be great for a elite coaching group or a rink-based lesson scheduling situation.

The coach pays a monthly subscription for this service.  It lets them manage their schedule, accept/deny lesson requests, process payments and contact students.  It also allows skaters to book lessons, cancel lessons or fill cancelled spots.  It has invoicing and payment options.

To me, the idea was to provide some basic bookkeeping functionality for those coaches who collect their own fees.  This was the situation in NY/NJ, where the coach is paid directly and they remit the commission to the rink.  In my current rink, the rink collects all the payments and remits the monies earned less commission to the coach every two weeks.  As a result, I don't have to do invoices or accept credit cards, so that's a big chunk of functionality that I won't use since I don't invoice or collect lesson fees.  (I believe coaches can set their lesson cost to $0 in this app to accommodate that scenario, but why bother?)

In the lesson scheduling functionality, the skaters "request" a lesson slot and the coach has to approve/deny the request.  It is great that one student can schedule lessons with multiple coaches, thereby eliminating scheduling conflicts.  However, most of my students take their lesson(s) on a repeating schedule - same bat-day, same bat-time - throughout the month.  Approving 50+ lessons each month is a waste of my time and the vendor says that there isn't an "automatic approve" setting.  I'm more satisfied with my current (free) signup tool where I do a little set up at the end of the month and then the families work around their personal calendars.

One thing I really do like is that they have a profile section that lets coaches and skaters put contact info, tests passed, certification, memberships, ratings, etc.  I track that on a spreadsheet right now, so it's an attractive feature.
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