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Author Topic: Ice Haus, Columbus Ohio  (Read 611 times)

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Ice Haus, Columbus Ohio
« on: June 29, 2016, 05:37:29 PM »
 My favorite rink - The Ice Haus (currently called the OhioHealth Ice Haus). The name has changed over the years as different sponsors have put their corporate stamp on the rink. It is officially a practice rink for the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team, but they have public sessions to die for. The ice is glass-smooth and first-class. There are windows where you can look outdoors, and it's bathed in natural light from the wall of windows.

There isn't much dedicated to figure skating (lessons, etc.), except that the public sessions I attend are very sparsely attended and you have lots of room for moves. I attended the noon skate today, paid $4 for 1:15 hours of skating, and that included free parking in the parking garage adjacent to the building. The garage is a little hard to find if you're new.

During the noon skate today, a total of 7 people were on the ice including 2 adult figure skaters beside me. In my past visits, this is fairly typical.

The draw is the ice. It's beautifully maintained and it's what I dream about for my home rink. The drawbacks are irregular ice times, but it's easy to check the website for Chiller ice rinks, of which this is a part, to find available sessions.

I'm surprised that more skaters from Columbus don't use this rink.

Here are some photos...

Bill Schneider

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Re: Ice Haus, Columbus Ohio
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2016, 06:07:43 AM »
That looks great, Bill.  I'm envious of the huge windows!  If I ever get out your way, I will have to give that rink a try.