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Author Topic: For Sale: Custom Harlicks 6.5 E-EE/A-AA heel - $300 OBO  (Read 706 times)

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For Sale: Custom Harlicks 6.5 E-EE/A-AA heel - $300 OBO
« on: May 21, 2015, 11:53:20 AM »
Lots of life left in the boots, come with 9-1/4 Coronation Ace blades that have a some sharpening left. Little to no break-down (no creasing at the ankles, tongue is still firm with no lace creasing) though they are pretty scuffed and marred up (at the toes especially), but a can of spray polish should clean them up. Blades were mounted towards the inside to help correct pronation.

DD measured between the E and EE in width with a between the A and AA heel. She did struggle with her heels slipping so i would guess they are closer to the A then the AA. Under the insoles, they are marked with a 6.5.

These were $850 for the boots and $200 for the blades in August 2014.
Competitor level strength
Lightweight design
Backs are cut down 1/2" for added flexibility
Tongues are split 50/50 sponge and lambswool
Double tongue hooks added
Flex notches added
Chem glaze finish with glitter (and, unfortunately, stickers under the chem glaze)

If you're in the Chicago area, I can meet up with you at a rink to try them out and see if they fit well and are comfortable for you to skate in. I have the original box and receipt.

Album of pictures at this link: