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Author Topic: Blade help!  (Read 299 times)

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Blade help!
« on: January 18, 2017, 09:28:18 AM »
My daughter was skating 4-6 hours (days) a week last year and had used matrix legacy blades. She's now 7 and quite frankly fickle so we cut back a bit to 3-4 hours in the fall to try some other activities. Well turns out she's back to skating.

I've been buying used from a couple trusted persons because - again -- 7, fickle. Her current pair are equivalent to riedell edge but only have a JW excel blade. She can do up to all FS 6 elements in these, her axel is come and go. The blades are not cutting it but she's 3 months into skates that will be outgrown in 3-4 more months.

The blade is 8" - I have a 8 1/4" blade on hand but it's a tad too long. So I was thinking of buying either the MK double star (found a pair discounted) or Cosmos or something in that range as a hold over. Been checking eBay but nothing except MK phantoms and I know I'm not getting my money back so I really don't want to drop $2-300 right now on new blades when 8 1/4" will fit her next size up. If I knew 3 months ago what I know now I'd have bought aces but we had a really rough patch where I was wary to drop the $. Thoughts?