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Author Topic: Reputation, aka: +GOE  (Read 1344 times)

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Reputation, aka: +GOE
« on: January 21, 2014, 01:24:21 PM »
Our board has a reputation feature, which we've labelled "+GOE."  You can see the current GOE point level for each user underneath their member name while viewing a post.

Any member who logs in can give out +GOE points.  The board software doesn't assign it by post, the way Facebook does with the "Like" feature.  Instead, it's a way to up the points and reward another member for their post or congratulate them on an achievement.

By popular demand, we never enabled a "-GOE" counterpart.  If a post bugs you, you should report it unless it is a personality issue.  Then, use the "Ignore" feature to save yourself the aggravation of reading a nemesis' posts, lol.

In 2014, I will personally give out +GOE for achievements in testing and competitions.  I figure 88 points is a significant amount and a symbolic number, so if you pass a test or have the courage to skate in a show or competition, tell us and I'll bump you up a cool +88 GOE points!   (Yes, I know that the GOE levels in IJS don't go that high.  ;-) ).

If a day or two goes by and I haven't done my math homework, just report your achievement post and I'll take care of it.  Sometimes, I miss posts when life gets in the way.

If you want to let someone know that you appreciated their post or gave them points as kudos, you can either post it "out loud" or send them a personal message.  I know not all boards allow those public displays of affection, but we're not most boards!

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for contributing to the best partipant-figure skating board on the 'net!
-- Isk8NYC --
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