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Author Topic: FOR SALE: Riedell 875 5.5 C/B with Ultima Matrix Legacy 9 3/4 blades  (Read 1237 times)

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I am selling Riedell 875 TS boots (5.5 C/B)  with mounted Ultima Matrix Legacy light blue blades (9 3/4). There were bought and  used together for 3.5 months, at which point I realized I needed a different fit.   Now I am in Harlicks with a shorter blade.

The boots have some "backspin" scratches on the right toe,  they were heat molded once (and can be remolded many times). 
The blades have some scratches on the tails.
Riedell made vertical slits in the tongues, so that they do not slide down and hit the toes. 
The skates were always aired out and dried thoroughly. They come with good luck- I passed my silver moves in them on the first try:-)

Great boot/ blade combo- very well made!    You can see them here:
I am asking $500.