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Author Topic: Additional Archived Threads  (Read 6560 times)

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Additional Archived Threads
« on: September 02, 2010, 08:52:02 AM »
Thanks to renatele  :gh we have a viewable archive of the old threads.  This is a pretty complete archive.  The main difference between threads in the archive and the transferred here is that you cannot post to the archived threads and you can post to the transferred threads.  Things to keep in mind:

1.  At the present time, the link takes you to another site to view the archive.  You may want to right-click and open it in another tab or window. 

2.  You cannot post to the threads.

3.  Only some of the thread Full Views work - it is a matter of luck: you might get a correct full view, wrong topic full view, a "server is too busy" message, or a 404 - Page Not Found error.

With that said, here is the link - enjoy!

Jim S.

A few more notes:

These archived threads date back to the earliest days of - many, many years ago.

As such, some of the information may be out-of-date or incorrect at this time, especially in the "On Ice - Skaters" forum.  Figure skating has evolved and coaching techniques/tips have changed over the years, so what was valid advice back in the day might not be correct in today's sport.

For example: sit spins were often taught with an upright starting position, from which the skater would sink down into the sit position, then straighten up to continue spinning upright for several revolutions.  The technique today, due to IJS, rotation counts and spin positions, is to enter the sit spin much lower, with a deeply bent skating leg (ankle, knee and hip) and finishing more quickly. 

Still, there is some value in poking through the archives if you're looking for some tips or ideas.

There is no search engine on the archives, but the major search engines have logged the pages, so a search that includes either "" or "" will allow keyword searches.

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