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Spectator Skating Discussions / Re: Nathan Chen meltdown - Oly team event
« Last post by Bill_S on February 09, 2018, 02:52:03 PM »
I enjoyed watching him too. The South Korean crowd was certainly behind him all the way.

I also wonder about a flag-free Olympics. The influences of money and politics find a way to insert themselves into the best of events and intentions.
The Pro Shop / Re: Dance Socks for Off-Ice Spin Practice
« Last post by Loops on February 09, 2018, 02:36:08 PM »
Saw this promoted on FB this morning:

Q: What would happen if I just tied a strip of lycra around my sneaker at the ball of the foot?  Could I spin on my smooth kitchen floor?
A: YES!  It works fine - I could do forward and backward spins.

Because it has more friction than a spin trainer, the turns are slower, which lets the skater stay in control.  The skater has to balance more, which is always a good thing.  It allows you to put the weight ont he actual ball of your foot, not in the center the way that dance turn boards.

It's a step up from spinning in your socks because the sneakers provide support.  Definitely a cheap way to do off-ice spin practice.

You could probably cut the toe off a pair of socks and get the same result.

In fairness, the product they're selling is more refined than my ratty, uneven strip of lycra from my scrap bag.  It's also a sock-like material.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Awesome.  +GOE for the alternative-product testing.  Who of us DOESN"T have scraps of lycra lying around?!  What an awesome use for them.
Rink Roundups / Re: Skating in southern South Korea
« Last post by Loops on February 09, 2018, 02:25:55 PM »
The exchange rate of KRW=>USD came up in an internet search with:

"130,000 South Korean Won converts to 119.45 US Dollar"

I thought that was for a single half-hour lesson and thought "Wow.  Am I coaching in the wrong country!"  lol

($30/30 mins. is the average rate for a mid-level experienced coach here in the US.)

Haha, it's probably true on some levels, but you also have to figure what the cost of living there is.  If a coffee at Charbucks is going to set you back the Korean equivalent of 20 USD, then, maybe the119 for a skating lesson is OK. Sampaugita can comment further on that.  Plus I think the USD is kinda low right now so.....

Sampaugita- I found that my French improved quickly and dramatically once I started skating again.  Hopefully this will be fantastic for your Korean!  Are there other adults at the rink?  I was lucky that there was an adult synchro team at mine (was really the draw for me, but I'd skate anyway).  Adult synchro teams rock, it's a great way to improve your skating while, and perhaps more importantly, make friends in a new place .  Are you enjoying the rink culture there? And learning a lot?  Sounds like your spins are going to get lots of work.....TBH, spins are so friggin hard, that on some levels it doesn't surprise me that they start 'em young there.  More to the point though, are the kids learning back spins?  Those are crucial for doubles and beyond...

Spectator Skating Discussions / Re: Nathan Chen meltdown - Oly team event
« Last post by lutefisk on February 09, 2018, 02:12:12 PM »
The team event helps shake the sillies out of the competitors.  Speaking of which, I enjoyed watching the first skater, a South Korean.  He had a clean skate in front of the home crowd which must put extra pressure on him.  I tend to root for the host country's skaters for that reason.  Actually, I wish the Olympics would do away with the flags and National anthems and concentrate on the athletes.  Isn't the idea of the Olympics to bring people together for the sake of sport rather than foster tribalism and an "us against them" mentality with national medal counts, "bragging rights" and so on? 
Media Center / Re: Figure Skating TV Schedule (US)
« Last post by icedancer on February 09, 2018, 02:00:06 PM »
Thanks for the reminder!  I had checked Heather's site a couple of weeks ago and there was nothing but wow - she has got it down!!

Great site - excited for this Olympics! :D
Spectator Skating Discussions / Re: Nathan Chen meltdown - Oly team event
« Last post by icedancer on February 09, 2018, 01:59:02 PM »
Hopefully you guys are both right! 

Shoma Uno skated so well though although I thought I noticed a few "stuck" landings!

Looking for cleaner skates by all in the Individual Events - I am not sure I really like this Team Event concept as I would guess that the average viewer is confused by it (even my husband didn't really understand how this event was not linked to the Individual events) and will be tired of figure skating by the time the "BIG EVENTS" are televised!
The Pro Shop / Re: Arm and shoulder padding/protection
« Last post by lutefisk on February 09, 2018, 01:56:59 PM »
I wear an Ice Halo (google the name, made in Canada).  For me it is more secure (less wobbly) than the hard shell Bern (brand name) helmet which I briefly used when returning to skating after a head injury at the rink.  Ice Halos come in two versions:  the standard and the HD (high density).  I have one of each.  Both have been effective during subsequent falls.  If you do go the hard helmet route my suggestion is to get one without a brim on the front.  A brim, even a short one, tends to direct you line of sight down rather than ahead while skating.  Looking down on the ice tips your head (an extra 10 lbs or so) forward which gets you up on your toe picks.  A lot of people don't like the look of safety head gear but I'm completely over the question of "does this ice halo make my head look fat?"  I wear it every time I skate including test sessions.
The Pro Shop / Re: Dance Socks for Off-Ice Spin Practice
« Last post by Bill_S on February 09, 2018, 11:50:41 AM »
All I need is a larger kitchen floor.

(Thanks for the suggestion. It sounds very easy to try.)
The Pro Shop / Re: Arm and shoulder padding/protection
« Last post by Nikita on February 09, 2018, 11:43:25 AM »
What about a helmet to protect your head, one of the most important parts of your body to protect? 

I’ll be looking for a helmet soon! Thank you :)
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