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The Pro Shop / Re: Is this Lace Bite?
« Last post by Leif on Today at 05:39:14 AM »
I can vouch for Silopas gel sleeves, which I used after I got lace bite thanks to using Superfeet! The latter reduce the depth of the skate, increasing the pressure from the laces.
The Pro Shop / Re: Ice skates for adult beginner to single jumps
« Last post by cittiecat on March 26, 2017, 11:32:42 PM »
I would say given your progression I would definitely recommend getting a boot that you can change the blade on or starting with a blade that will get you through basic spins. I have the eclipse aurora which is supposed be a coronation ace dupe and noticed a huge difference over the stock blade my boots came with. I haven't researched the blades you asked about specifically but I would say they likely have a different rocker (shape of the blade) and different toe picks.

I agree that going to a good fitter is the best option but I think you are doing the right thing researching first.

If you want to boot to last you through single jumps I think the freestyle would be the better of the Jackson boots but they are going to very stiff and difficult to break in while you are working on basic skills.

That being said a little over a year ago I was in a similar position and went with the Riedell stride which is similar in stiffness to the Jackson freestyle and with the amount of skating I did I was able to break them in, in about 3-4 weeks but I weigh a bit more then you.

Hope that gives you some helpful information.

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The Pro Shop / Re: Is this Lace Bite?
« Last post by cittiecat on March 26, 2017, 11:16:42 PM »
My experience with lace bite was on the front part of my ankle when I first got my Riedell strides. It was the result of the tongue not dispersing the pressure from the laces and creating harsh pressure points. I solved the issue by using silopas gel sleeves (bunga alt). It sounds like your boot may be putting sharp pressure on a single spot when you are bending. I would suggest trying the gel sleeve and if that doesn't work then heat up the tongue.

When I had my issue it was mostly one ankle and for the first while since I had caused an on going injury I wore two sleeves layered on the bad area to heal and prevent further injury. Now I wear one on each because they generally make my experience more comfortable.

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The Pro Shop / Re: Is this Lace Bite?
« Last post by Christy on March 26, 2017, 09:01:44 PM »
Is it possible that it's caused by the boots being new and therefore the tongue being less flexible than the older boots (although I never had that problem with the older boots)? Also would it be worth heating the tongue to make it more pliable?
Just thinking, I should probably have described the pain better - it's like a sharp pain in a muscle and it is only whilst I'm doing those crossovers.
The Pro Shop / Re: Ice skates for adult beginner to single jumps
« Last post by skategeek on March 26, 2017, 08:30:07 PM »
One downside to the Classiques (which were my first skates) is that the sole is PVC, which means that the blade can't be moved or replaced easily. Leather gives you more flexibility with that.
The Pro Shop / Re: Is this Lace Bite?
« Last post by Bill_S on March 26, 2017, 08:18:39 PM »
I had lace bite a few years back, and your description sounds very similar. In my case, the tongue padding had broken down.

You might add some sort of padding in the affected area to see if it helps. Find some that doesn't compress into worthlessness.
Sitting on the Boards Rink Side / Re: Hard or Soft Ice
« Last post by tstop4me on March 26, 2017, 08:03:15 PM »
From my very limited watching of hockey games it seems that the "finesse" portion of a match occurs during the first period when, I assume, the ice is at it's hardest and fastest condition.  After the in-between period ice cuts, the surface probably doesn't have time enough to truly harden off and so the players throw finesse out the window and go into lumbering bear mode slogging/slugging their way to the end of the match as the ice gets softer and softer.  Is this a "theory" or just a "notion"?

Not sure what level hockey you're referring to.  But what you describe is not typical of the NHL games I've watched.  Often the most exciting plays happen during sudden-death overtime. 

I've skated at rinks in which the ice surface stays wet for several minutes after the Zam clears the ice.  At other rinks, the ice is ready to rip right away.
The Pro Shop / Is this Lace Bite?
« Last post by Christy on March 26, 2017, 07:45:30 PM »
I've been breaking in a new pair of Ice Flies and noticed a pain down the front of my right foot, in front of the ankle area (so where the boots bends). It only happens when I am doing forward counter clockwise crossovers and backward clockwise crossovers (so when the right foot is being lifted over the left), and it happens as I'm lowering the right foot to the ground. This is my second pair of Ice Flies, but they are a size smaller than the previous pair.
The Pro Shop / Re: Ice skates for adult beginner to single jumps
« Last post by ChristyRN on March 26, 2017, 07:40:03 PM »
I have a skater friend about your height and weight that is working on all her single jumps. She's in Jackson Freestyle. She's a light skater.

One benefit to being an adult is that your feet *probably* won't grow anymore, so you can wear your skates longer. Don't worry so much about the price but the fit. Try on several brands if you can, and definitely get your feet measured by a qualified fitter. (says the voice of experience)
Sitting on the Boards Rink Side / Re: Hard or Soft Ice
« Last post by Christy on March 26, 2017, 06:23:20 PM »
We have hard ice because the only people that matter are the hockey players, so if we're lucky we get hard ice without too many gouges but most of the time we get hard ice with gouges. Ideally I'd like soft ice with no gouges but that maybe happens once a year.

We also get lumps and bumps, plus dirty / muddy ice indoors and there are times when you wonder where they've driven the zamboni.
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