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Author Topic: For Sale SP Teri 6.5 AAA with MK Professional Model blades No. 9 1/2.  (Read 751 times)

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I'm trying to sell a good pair of SP Teri professional skates.

I have bought them for me a couple of months but they don't fit right and it's a shame to have them sitting in my closet when they can be used for someone else.

Here are some aspects:

SP TERI Figure skates size 6 1/2 (AAA)
Lambs wool tongue
MK Professional Blade No. 9 1/2

Great for someone that wants to start figure skating or needs an other good pair of skates.
The blades are in good shape and have no rust, they have tons of life in them.
The boot is stiff and with no bends or anything like that, great for single and doubles.

I'm asking for them 100 dlls, but the price is negotiable.

Here are some pics!

Thank's for reading!