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Media Center / Re: New Yorker Humor
« Last post by skategeek on February 17, 2018, 08:22:51 PM »
Love it!  I think we need t-shirts.

Reminds me of the "accurate animal names" meme that made the rounds a while back.  (Stab kitty, danger rope, etc.)
Parents/Coaches Archive / DD wants to join synchro team
« Last post by Newicemom2016 on February 17, 2018, 07:58:06 PM »
Thank you again in advance for the responses and advice, I really appreciate it !  She has made friends and wants to skate with them and join the synchro team.  She has her PMIF scheduled.  Her coach wants her to wait another year and become a better single skater, he claims that synchro takes away from that.  What do you guys think?  After the coach drama I am noticing she is not having as much fun as before.  I think being part of a team with girls she knows will make her have fun again.  I will still keep her in 2 or 3 privates and practice sessions like she has now.  Do you think it’s a good plan?
The Pro Shop / Re: Arm and shoulder padding/protection
« Last post by Query on February 17, 2018, 06:34:53 PM »
I didn’t know about the arm safety information provided by CCA.

Oops! I made a mistake.

I of course meant the ACA

CCA is a local group, around Washington DC. It does offer classes. Last I knew, they generally did take the rather conservative ACA-like approach to arm/shoulder safety, but it has been a very long time since I have been in the club.

Sorry for the mixup.
Rink Roundups / Re: Skating in southern South Korea
« Last post by sampaguita on February 17, 2018, 06:16:52 AM »
One theory seems to be that edges, power and speed can be improved at almost any stage of life, whereas it is possible that spinning and jumping are very difficult to master when you aren't quite young, as some of us have found. E.g., I think kids find it easier to learn to "feel" their center, and to feel when they aren't spinning around it, whereas those of us who didn't learn that young, may have largely lost the ability to learn to feel the center. Of course, I'm only saying that as someone has has never properly learned it. Likewise, the courage to jump may be much easier to gain when young.

Besides, let's face it: Spins and jumps are much more fun.  If you pushed most young kids to work too much on edges, power and speed, they would quit. :stars:

Yeah, I think you're right. Edges are in general quite boring unless you're dedicated to the sport.

Now for spins -- coach gave me the order to do stuff. Basically go around, straighten the leg, place the leg forward, and cross, making sure my posture is upright throughout. As for actually doing that, I have a long way to go haha. I'll let you know if I make any real significant progress worth posting hehehe
Media Center / Re: Johnny & Tara not fun this event. Fewer replays.
« Last post by skategeek on February 16, 2018, 10:49:04 PM »
I've been streaming online ( you have to log in with your cable/subscription provider, but they show all the skating and there are different commentators who are much nicer to listen to.  Plus the "enhanced" feed has a sidebar with a second feed that either shows the coaches during a program, the training room, or the practice ice.  (Last night I spotted our local Olympic skater and my LTS coach at the practice rink.)
Media Center / New Yorker Humor
« Last post by FigureSpins on February 16, 2018, 02:43:36 PM »

I would really like to put "Danger Ballet / Coach" on my jacket.
The Pro Shop / Re: Arm and shoulder padding/protection
« Last post by Nikita on February 16, 2018, 02:05:37 AM »

.... an arm can fairly safely be held high, or somewhat back (though generally I don't favor that much), but not both...In addition, when most people hold their arms high, they naturally tend to pull the arm part way of the socket, even without external force. CCA, the perhaps the biggest paddling safety organization in the U.S., warns strongly against letting the arm go up or back white paddling... I think the most important thing to do to prevent injury while figure skating is to pick reasonably snug, supportive skates, and tie your laces as tight as you reasonably can....

How interesting! I didn’t know about the arm safety information provided by CCA. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and safety tips! I really appreciate it and will keep it all in mind whenever I’m on the ice!
The Pro Shop / Re: Arm and shoulder padding/protection
« Last post by Nikita on February 16, 2018, 01:41:54 AM »
Ice Halos come in two versions:  the standard and the HD (high density). Both have been effective during subsequent falls.  If you do go the hard helmet route my suggestion is to get one without a brim on the front.  A brim, even a short one, tends to direct you line of sight down rather than ahead while skating.  Looking down on the ice tips your head....

Thank you for the useful advice! I hadn’t considered how a brim could affect skating, and it’s great to know both Ice Halos performed equally well on the ice! I appreciate the help! :)
The Pro Shop / DIY Scribes
« Last post by Query on February 15, 2018, 06:00:38 PM »
Believe it or not, the old ones are apparently "collector's items", and are priced accordingly.

I think you could make yourself something equivalent pretty easily.

Take a sufficiently long small thin board (beam). Hammer in a nail at one end. Use a self tapping screw to make screw holes at various distances from it. Screw it in at the desired distance to use. You only need one hole - or just another nail - if you only want one radius.

Or imitate the old design. You need a hinge.

If a dollar store is nearby, buy a cheap broom or mop. Also buy a pencil, a long nail, and duct tape. The nail is the scribe point. The eraser end of the pencil is the pivot point. Duct tape them both to the broom or mop stick. If one broom or mop isn't long enough, duct tape two together. Such class!  :)

Or buy a pair of "beam compass heads" or "trammel heads" with points that mount on a beam, to form a "beam compass", e.g.,!22191!US!-1
Done right, this can look very professional. If you are a coach, class matters. If you are making something for a child, class matters more.

(Yet, the dollar store / duct tape solution has its own appeal.)

Please be careful. Cover the nail and screw points so they don't cut anything or anyone.

Note: all these ideas are untested on the ice. Also, I can't guarantee that your rink will allow any of them, or the original figure skating scribes, on the ice.

I bet someone on this board already has trammel heads, and a spare beam, they could try it on, and tell us how it works.

The Pro Shop / Re: New jacksons blade loose
« Last post by Query on February 15, 2018, 04:31:58 PM »
I hold management responsible for all aspects of the customer experience. Good training and staff selection includes good manners.

But I too need help with loose screws - in my head. :)

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