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Author Topic: Which Figure Skates (boots) should I go with (Graf Edmontons, or new Gam G0098)?  (Read 801 times)

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Hi! I'm a figure skater and currently compete at the Novice singles level. I'm working on getting my double axel consistent and am working on my triples. :) I've had 6 pairs of Graf Edmontons since I was about 10-11yrs old (I'm 17yrs old.) However, I have to get a new skates now, as my current pair are very broken down and old (are surprisingly are about 2.5-3yrs old now.)
So, I'm trying to decide if I should go with another pair of Graf Edmontons, or the new style of Gams - the Silver G0098 seen here:
I've tried them on and really liked how they seem to 'hug' your feet, with the new lacing style. I like my skates to feel tight, but yet still be able to flex fairly well. These skates seem to feel like that. but I'm worried about if they'll last as long as Grafs, or if they'll just quickly break down and become soft/loose support.
I've never had Gam skates, so am leary to switch, as I've had god luck fit wise with the Grafs (hardly any blisters, etc.)
Although, I'm thinking that maybe the Graf's have just been too stiff for me (I'm fairly tall now, but am quite light and have a small build) and I should maybe make a change. I've also been taking a long time to get the double axel and maybe this change just might help me with that.
(I'll be keeping my current blades on the new skates I get - Paramounts.)
So, I'm not sure what to do. (I'm leaning toward getting the new Gams, but am a bit leary to make the change.)
All comments/suggestions greatly appreciated.  :)