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Author Topic: Specialty Sportswear  (Read 669 times)

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Specialty Sportswear
« on: April 09, 2011, 11:16:08 AM »
I know some of you have used their patterns before and I think someone said they can be hard to figure out. I am not the most experienced sewer, but I am learning and getting a little braver in my attempts. :) Owning a serger has helped me become brave. LOL. I made a dress yesterday that I think just might work for one of dd's comp dresses! I modified the design to fit an idea I had in my head. It was kind of fun! For the most part, I feel ready to try more difficult patterns. I am not to the point of making my own patterns from scratch, but I am able to modify existing patterns to cater to my ideas. Would the Specialty Sportswear line help me branch out or will I become frustrated with their patterns?