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Title: Riedell 2011 Catalog
Post by: Isk8NYC on February 10, 2011, 09:26:22 PM
Riedell just issued their new catalog for 2011:

There are four new boots in the product line:

•375 Gold Star Classic - back by popular demand!
For this model, they've added a "vibration dampening insole" and a layer of plastic on the outside.
Pretty high-level boot, based on who's using it.  (Rachael Flatt, for example.)

•229 TS - a new addition to the Traditional Series (TS)
Part of the Instructional Series, this is a boot-and-blade combination with a Quest blade. 
It reminds me of the old Reidell Gold Medallions, which were great skates with a palatable price point for low-level freestyle skaters.

•113 SF - a hybrid of our soft + traditional boot designs
This looks like the answer to Jackson's Glacier skates - comfy inside, traditional-looking outside, PVC soles and a recreational blade.

•725 SS - a Soft Series star
Similar to a Jackson Softec skate.  I like the Thinsulate lining - that would be great for outdoor skating.
I wonder if it retains foot odor?

Like all Riedells, these are heat-activated for a custom fit. 

I'm not sure about pricing yet.  There are discounted Gold Stars on the web, but I think those prior year versions.